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1 x Axpert 1KVA (800Watt) 12V Off-Grid PSW Inverter/Charger

2 x EXCIS230Ah SMF230 STUD

3 x 260W Solar Panel

This unit can generate about 4 units off energy on a good sunny day.

With the 2 x batteries you will have 5.5kwh of battery storage.

This means that at night when there is no sun, you could watch a 300W TV for about 9 hours before the batteries went flat (300W x 9 hours = 2700Whrs = 2.7 Units of electricity)
you could run 20 x 5W LED globes for 10 hours (5W x 20 x 20 hours = 2000Whrs = 2 Unit of electricity)
a 100W Fridge for 24hour day (100W * 24 hours = 2400Whrs = 2.4 Unit of electricity)

During the day, the solar panels will first charge the batteries and after that will add whatever power they can produce, so you will be able to go longer depending on weather conditions.
If you need to do more than the above you need a bigger kit.
Please contact us and we can do a quote for you.

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